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Important note about web forms

We’ve had a few comments about an increase in spam over the past few weeks (although, spam that gets through is only .1% of the total received).
We’ve been fine tuning the filters over the past couple of weeks and have got it, today, to what we think is the optimal balance.
The main issue affecting how much spam we can block has been the way clients set up their mail forms on their sites - specifically, using aliases or non-exisiting addresses in the reply-to and return paths. Because of this we've had to leave specific settings on the mail servers inactive as it will affect mail form delivery.  Please note that it’s essential that the reply-to address in your form has a valid email address with your domain on our mail server or the form delivery will fail with no warning  (the address is authenticated against the mail server to make are that the address exists before it will accept it for delivery).
Please double check all your forms and make sure that they send and receive correctly. If they don’t contact us so we can look into it. Note that over all our web servers there are thousands of different forms so there is no way we can locate and test all of these - it’s essential that you check your forms asap and let us know if you are having any issues. The vast majority will function without issue.
It's also a good time to remind all users with contact forms that every form should have some sort of captcha on it to prevent spammers hijacking your forms. There are many different ones you can use (most of them free) and many of the forms in use already have the option built in if it's enable. If you need help wth this we can fix them for you (at a small charge to cover our time).
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

Saturday, May 7, 2016

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